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Severe storms Central Wheatbelt Oct 2014

A day of chasing that I will not forget in a very long time. The colours, the sounds, the smells a thunderstorm can bring is just out of this world. There is just something about being out there and really feeling what mother nature can throw out at us, and then to be able to capture that in a photograph is what I strive to do.

Thanks to fellow chasers at Perth Weather Live for the updates on other cells around the place as they were developing. It was great to be in contact my SocMed and phone, making sure everyone is safe during all times of the day. And constantly updating each other on the progression of each of the cells. Another chase win for the couple of teams that were out and about.

These are a couple of the images I captured from an incredible day of thunderstorm activity through the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia.












I didn’t capture any images of the crops devastated by the heavy hail, rain and wind, that were days from being harvested, however my thoughts are with all those who have been effected by the storms on the day.


Summer Storm Season Just Around The Corner

With the change of the season, the build up is starting in the north of WA, and low pressure troughs are starting to make their way down to the south west more often. With that, the likelihood of thunderstorms increases.
The summer storm season is right on our door step with the first storms already ‘popping’ in the Kimberley, and soon they will be joined by activity throughout the state, with our first potential taste happening shortly.
After last years fairly weak storm season, I hope this season fires up!

Albany Weather January 2014

A very nice shelf cloud developed while I was out taking photographs from this vantage point near Albany, Western Australia.
It was almost impossible to grab a few photos as the wind was howling. Myself and Shaun were struggling a bit with the cold, however we managed to get a few shots off before the light disappeared for the day.

Spring Cold Fronts

After a beautiful taste of spring weather of 34C yesterday in Perth (a new September record), we were brought back down to reality with a bang today with rain and a very cold change coming through, thanks to a vigorous cold front that came across the coast in the SW of Western Australia.
Here it is just as it was just about to go over me at Jindalee Beach.

– Late Wet Season Storms –

Isolated late wet season storms fire up just off the NW Kimberley coast. It’s incredible how quick these tropical systems fire up and explode into the sky. Blue skies one minute, the next, thunderstorms, however one thing that doesn’t change are the ever magnificent turquoise blue waters.

Late Wet Season Storms hit the North West Kimberley

The past week I have been fortunate enough to be flying around the NW Kimberley region of Western Australia and being witness to some late wet season storm activity. I haven’t seen tropical development of storms too much in the past, so this was a real eye opener, and being up in the air just added to the drama of it all.

This cell was clear air underneath only minutes before, then the heavens opened, and this is what was in front of us.

Cumulonimbus cloud like this were skyrockets right up into the troposphere. A terrific sight to witness. 

Another cell dropping rain over the Mitchell Plateau



The weather was very humid and hot, and I was told  these were the typical conditions you would expect during the build up before the wet season begins. My work colleague Ed has lived up here for a while and knows that days on end of these hot, humid conditions that something is going to happen. On the final night of staying at our camp, the heavens opened and the lightning started from the south and moved very slowly directly over us. Lightning was all around, it was like I was at a nightclub with the strobes on full bore. I haven’t seen lightning like that for a very long time, so you could imagine I was like a kid at a candy store.

Storms starting to build just on sunset



The red glow of distant fire with another approaching thunderstorm



A very close bolt of lightning near our camp, completely blown out my exposure.


Another reasonably close bolt just south of the camp.



Lightning striking just to the north of the camp




The explosive cracks of thunder were incredible, the storms produced a lot of sheet lightning, of which seemed to have been occurring right above our camp. It was out of this world, and since it was the first decent thunderstorm I had seen for a couple of months I was on cloud nine seeing lightning and hearing it crash and bang around me.

Until next time……

Lightning at Last


FINALLY!!! As with many of you, we woke this morning to the magical sound of thunder. Woohoo. 

I thought I had missed the boat, but just after 6am a cell decided to redevelop over my place in Butler.
Stoked to have got this shot, with no lightning trigger and handheld! Woohoo! First lightning shot with the zeiss!

Bring the storms!

Another underside shot from this morning.